What We Do

Signalis Group is an international B2B inbound marketing agency serving the electronic security, professional audio/video, construction, and HVAC/R industries.

Our objective is to help international businesses generate leads and grow by running effective inbound marketing campaigns strategically planned for their brand.

Everything we do, from technical translations to video production, aims to support our clients’ goal of establishing long-lasting relationships with their customers, turning website visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into promoters.

Inbound Strategy & Execution
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
B2B Public Relations Services
Technical Translation Service
Creative design

Inbound Strategy & Execution

To start a successful inbound marketing program, a company needs to understand who their ideal customers are. When tapping into foreign markets, many brands feel tempted to use the same marketing strategy they use in their home markets.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that consumers in North America and other regions have different needs and expectations, even when they share some common traits.

Some activities we carry out:

Planning sessions with the client to familiarize them with the inbound marketing methodology
Marketing Fundamentals: assistance to develop our client’s buyer persona, buyer’s journey, and a content plan

Social Media Marketing

Social Media channels are fundamental to a successful inbound marketing program. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are incredibly valuable tools to drive more traffic to your website. More visitors mean more opportunities to acquire new leads.

We will help your business establish a comprehensive social media marketing plan by identifying target audiences, creating continuous content plans, and measuring the growth of your social media accounts.

Content production (copy, visuals, and video)
Community management and profile optimization
Audience development
Generating reports about your social growth over time
Social media training for your employees
Paid social campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

Content Marketing

Relevant and engaging content is at the heart of an effective inbound marketing campaign. It shouldn’t be created randomly if its objective is to resonate with your audience’s needs. 

To be successful, content marketing needs to follow a strategy. Content should be designed according to your customers’ characteristics and their stage of the buying process. 

And, just as importantly, the appropriate channels should be used for its distribution. 

Our team’s content marketing expertise includes:

Blog writing
Thought leadership positioning
Planning and strategy
White papers, eBooks and customer success stories


An inbound marketing program shouldn’t exclude paid social programs or Google Ads campaigns. As a matter of fact, paid channels offer endless opportunities to promote your content and generate relevant traffic – which ultimately results in more customers through a powerful lead nurturing program. 

The digital world offers your company an abundance of promotional tools and channels at cost-effective rates. By taking a digital approach in your marketing programs, your company will have more control over the entire process because it’s easier to measure and optimize every step.

Search Engine Marketing (GoogleAds)
Display ads

B2B Public Relations

An effective Public Relations program is the perfect complement to an inbound marketing campaign. Why? Because when handled properly, media can serve as one of your brand’s best promoters while generating backlinks to your website.

But to succeed, your company needs a strategic approach.

Nowadays, just writing a press release isn’t enough. Your Public Relations team needs to research the media, identify trends, and discern angles to position your corporation as a thought leader in its field.

Some Public Relations services and activities we offer:

Aligning Public Relations and marketing (in case your brand has two separate departments)
Press Releases, thought leadership articles and customer stories
Award and speaking opportunities
Media relations
Media interview coordination at trade shows and expositions
Media training for your company's spokespeople

Technical Translation Service

A common practice among brands expanding into new markets is translating their marketing collateral to use it in the new market.

But there are two things to keep in mind: 

1) Not every translator is familiar with your industry

2) Literal translations often don’t attune to the new marketplace’s culture and way of speaking

Your brand needs a specialized technical translation program that also complements your international inbound program. We go beyond translations – we localize your content, so it resonates with your audience.

Datasheets and technical documents
Customer success stories, whitepapers, eBooks, press releases
Video and much more


Due to the format’s nature, video content fits in perfectly with the inbound marketing methodology. It’s popular, engaging, digestible, visual, and an ideal medium to nurture and grow your audience.

Whether you’re looking to produce a short animated video or a video customer story, we have the team and expertise to carry you through every step of the way.

Our video production services include:

Copywriting services (pre-production and planning)
Video coordination and project management
Video editing

Creative design

Has your in-house creative team felt overwhelmed by innumerable promotional activities requiring simultaneous management? Next time this happens, we’ve got your back!

Our team of professional graphic designers will help you present your brand according to your specifications with professionalism and consistency.

Our creative design services include:

Inbound marketing tools: email marketing, ads, landing pages
Print design and layout: ads for magazines, brochures and technical documentation

Let's Work Together!

Our objective is to help international businesses generate leads and grow by running effective inbound marketing campaigns strategically planned for their brand.